Thursday, July 30, 2009

New born baby preparation

It's always excited when you get to know you are pregnant. For a new mother who don't have any knowledge on taking care new born will a bit worry about things to prepare. Well, sometimes i think things or knowledge will come naturally when baby in your hand. Not sure you agree with me? You will learn through the process.
Don't worry too much. You can do it. Mentally, physically, basic knowledge taking care baby, material preparation is of course good to have.
My hubby and i start prepare baby need staff like baby cord, baby pillow and booster, feeding bottle, some baby cloths, napkin, mat and etc at the beginning. You can search around breastpump which suit your needs if you plan to breastfeed your baby and you are working mother.
I start doing some light exercise like walking, swimming at least once a week after 3rd month of pregnancy when my doctor give green light to me. Better consult your doctor if you have doubts in your mind. I like exercise or listen to music as it always relax my mind. Try to find activities which able to relax your mind during your pregnancy. It is important as you can enjoy every stage of your pregnancy.
Reading books, search internet, talking with friend on related to pregnancy or baby staff also can help you to gain knowledge and increase your confident level.
Money preparation for baby delivery, confinement centre and etc need to plan upfront. I learnt practical way taking care new born when i stay in confinement centre including how to burp, feeding, change napkin, bathing and etc.

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