Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pro and Cons in confinement centre

Personally i do make assessment before i go to confinement centre. I don't regret on my decision that i make.

I really can rest and learn to take care my baby. Confinement centre do invite the government nurse come to visit baby and mother daily during first two weeks. You can clear your doubts through the profesional advice. Besides, i can share my problem, meet friends and exchange our experience with other mother in the confinement centre. It brights up my day. Well, my parent and parent in law also will not too tired taking care my baby and me during confinement.

There is always have cons in every pro. Decision make is depend on priority that you put. Certain facility in the confinement centre is not well maintain. I face the hot water is not flowing prompty everytime i open the tab in the confinement home that i stay. Besides, peak season will reduce their quality of service on taking care of baby. Sometime i don't like the style of certain confinement lady take care my baby. It is ok for me for a short period. I request them bring my baby to me during my 3rd and 4th week stay. The quality of food they prepare also consider normal and i still can accept it.

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