Friday, December 31, 2010

Bamboo charcoal at Cake Story Sri Nibong Penang

I was wondering what cake to buy for my father's birthday when i enter Cake Story. Finally we choose Bamboo Charcoal as never try out. It taste good and just cost RM38 for 1/2 kg. We never could finish the cake so fast. It was our first time. Tryout yourself. :)

 Bamboo Charcoal

Happy New Year 2011

Time fly so fast. Just blink of eyes, new year is already coming. Thinking what I have achieve and not achieved. Self reflection is important for yourself development. Setting a new goal for new year is a Must so that you can grow further. What do you think?

Happy New Year 2011!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

I'll be away for 2 weeks taking care my 2 year old daughter and new born baby alone as my mother in law going vacation. This is my first time taking care both of them alone. Looking forward for some key learning sharing later on. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Personal parenting tips to handle my 2 years old daughter’s emotion

I would like to share a few ways that can handle my 2 years old daughter with you. You can take it as reference. Different children have different personality and behavior. Share with me know if you have other methods.

1. Remind her she have a sister so that she can accept existence of her sister.

2. Consistent educate her to share and love her sister.

3. Create simple game that I can involve both of them to participate to increase their interaction and to create happy and fun time together.

4. Spend ~15mins personal time with her. Normally I’ll read story books, listen and sing song together, dance with her and etc as she like this activity a lot. You can observe what your kids like and dislike and create personal time with them. They will like a lot.

5. Listen to her. She might express her feeling. I remind myself to encourage the right things that she do and tell her the right ways when she does some funny action.

6. Involve my hubby in the personal time and game time as she know we still love her although she have sister now.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back home life after confinement

How is your day after you back from confinement home? It was challenging for me as a fully breastfeeding mother to take care a new born baby and a 2 years old daughter. I was lucky I have mother in law to help around after back from confinement home. I need about 1 week to settle down after back to home. Proper time planning are needed for me to express out the breast milk to avoid crashing with both of their eating time, diapering, bathing, soothing baby, help around some house chores and etc.

Taking care 2 children were easy if you able to handle well. I am still learning. The difficult part were to handle my 2 years old daughter emotion so that she can accept and sharing her toys, books and etc with her younger sister. Sometime she would do some funny action to attract our attention. My eldest daughter do not know how hard she touch her sister face. She want to carry her sister and sooth her when she cry follow whatever adult do. We need consistently educate her the proper way to love her sister. Thus, I need to paid full attention on my new born baby safety. Do you face the same situation like me?

My 2 year old daughter and new born baby

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hepatitis B immunisation key learning and schedule information

Doctor advice me to retake the Hepatitis B injection as my immunisation level is very low after deliver of my second baby. Key learning from me is don't wait for the immunisation level become very low and you need to retake the 3 doses. One dose of injection is cost about RM60 now. You can avoid it by yearly checking on the immunisation level. You can just take 1 dose of boost to level up your immunisation.

I found out this link is helpful on the Hepatis B information. Check it out.

The immunisation schedule ( source from

You need three doses of the vaccine for full protection. The second dose is usually given one month after the first dose. The third dose is given five months after the second dose.

One month after the third dose you may need to have a blood test. You may need one if you are at risk of infection at work, especially as a healthcare or laboratory worker or have certain kidney diseases. Your doctor will be able to advise you if you need a blood test. This checks if you have made antibodies against the hepatitis B virus and are immune. This is because for about 1 in 10 people, three doses of the vaccine are not sufficient and a booster is needed after five years.

The schedule is the same for the combined hepatitis A and B vaccine which is also available.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Children’s day at Sakae Sushi Gurney Penang

Sakae Sushi celebrated Children’s Day every 1st week of the month. This is first time we bring our 2 year old daughter went to children’s day at Sakae last Sunday. My daughter was enjoying eating the Children’s Day free meal. The free meal not bad and the portion was just nice. It served hot dog, fried crab meat, fried chips and some sushi.
Children’s Day free meal
Well, my husband and I ordered Ebi Don and Salmon Kabuto Miso. It was our favorite dish. The Ebi Don was delicious especially the sauce topping in the rice. We are not sure what sauce topping in the rice which make it taste so good. It make my daughter have appetite to eat.

Ebi Don

The salmon in the Salmon Kabuto Miso was fresh and nice to eat with various vegetables, mushroom, tofu in the soup.

Salmon Kabuto Miso

We were entitled for Buy 1 Free 1 hand roll as we spend more than RM40 paid with citibank credit card. Checkout yourself for the promotion. :)


Buy 1 Free 1 handroll

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pushing beyond your Limits with Dr. Andrew Goh

I like Dr. Andrew Goh’s talk which I attended this morning. I don't feel bored and he was humor. I could feel the sincerely, motivated, energetic vibration along the talk.

I would like to share what I learnt from him with you.

I agreed with him that life is tough. You have the choice to choose. (1) Don’t make it tougher or (2) Make it tougher. Don’t give up and push yourself beyond your perceived limits.

I agreed with him that every generation also get the chance to succeed. The road to success is always there. Remember you’ve got to bring yourself so that you can success and don’t give up. You will success as your life is not over yet.

I also agreed that the greatest investment that yields the best return is an inquiring mind.

Share with me if you have any thoughts. J

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