Monday, November 29, 2010

Confinement life

Any ones like confinement? I don’t like confinement totally. I need to follow a lot of pantang although I am not sure it was the right thing to follow. The concept was better suffers only for 40 days.  It would make my life better later. I can’t imaging I don’t take bath for 22 days. The first child I still can tahan for 28 days. Haha..

I stay at De-Garden confinement home for the 2nd baby confinement. From the first day stay. I was counting down the day back to home, counting down the day when I can bath and etc. Almost every confinement mother had the same emotion (home sick) like me.Do you agree with me?

Confinement home will provide 5 meals a day. The meal will serve every 3 hours. Almost same like baby eating time except for night time.

The most enjoyable things in De-Garden confinement were the food. I was enjoying eating the food prepare by Ah Bee( Cook in De-Garden confinement home). She was a good cook. She will try to cook the food that we ask her to make. So sweet and caring. Can’t imaging she always give me the biggest portion as I always can finish the food. She prepared pizza, chicken chop, spaghetti, oats and etc for the confinement food. Everyday looking the eating time. It was so delicious.

 My portion: 2 bowl of soup and big bowl of rice.

Normal portion: 1 bowl of soup and less rice.
Pizza..Yummy..Miss it a lot

Most people thinking i have a lot of rest time during confinement. I think No for mother who is fully breastfeeding. I need to express out the milk every 3 hours average to avoid breast engorgement and also express out the milk balance after direct feeding my baby.

Last thing that I miss in confinement is the friendship that was build. We help each others, encourage each other on the problem we faced and sharing experience.
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