Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Personal parenting tips to handle my 2 years old daughter’s emotion

I would like to share a few ways that can handle my 2 years old daughter with you. You can take it as reference. Different children have different personality and behavior. Share with me know if you have other methods.

1. Remind her she have a sister so that she can accept existence of her sister.

2. Consistent educate her to share and love her sister.

3. Create simple game that I can involve both of them to participate to increase their interaction and to create happy and fun time together.

4. Spend ~15mins personal time with her. Normally I’ll read story books, listen and sing song together, dance with her and etc as she like this activity a lot. You can observe what your kids like and dislike and create personal time with them. They will like a lot.

5. Listen to her. She might express her feeling. I remind myself to encourage the right things that she do and tell her the right ways when she does some funny action.

6. Involve my hubby in the personal time and game time as she know we still love her although she have sister now.

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