Monday, December 6, 2010

Children’s day at Sakae Sushi Gurney Penang

Sakae Sushi celebrated Children’s Day every 1st week of the month. This is first time we bring our 2 year old daughter went to children’s day at Sakae last Sunday. My daughter was enjoying eating the Children’s Day free meal. The free meal not bad and the portion was just nice. It served hot dog, fried crab meat, fried chips and some sushi.
Children’s Day free meal
Well, my husband and I ordered Ebi Don and Salmon Kabuto Miso. It was our favorite dish. The Ebi Don was delicious especially the sauce topping in the rice. We are not sure what sauce topping in the rice which make it taste so good. It make my daughter have appetite to eat.

Ebi Don

The salmon in the Salmon Kabuto Miso was fresh and nice to eat with various vegetables, mushroom, tofu in the soup.

Salmon Kabuto Miso

We were entitled for Buy 1 Free 1 hand roll as we spend more than RM40 paid with citibank credit card. Checkout yourself for the promotion. :)


Buy 1 Free 1 handroll

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