Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back home life after confinement

How is your day after you back from confinement home? It was challenging for me as a fully breastfeeding mother to take care a new born baby and a 2 years old daughter. I was lucky I have mother in law to help around after back from confinement home. I need about 1 week to settle down after back to home. Proper time planning are needed for me to express out the breast milk to avoid crashing with both of their eating time, diapering, bathing, soothing baby, help around some house chores and etc.

Taking care 2 children were easy if you able to handle well. I am still learning. The difficult part were to handle my 2 years old daughter emotion so that she can accept and sharing her toys, books and etc with her younger sister. Sometime she would do some funny action to attract our attention. My eldest daughter do not know how hard she touch her sister face. She want to carry her sister and sooth her when she cry follow whatever adult do. We need consistently educate her the proper way to love her sister. Thus, I need to paid full attention on my new born baby safety. Do you face the same situation like me?

My 2 year old daughter and new born baby


  1. Like your sharing and agree with you. A lot of things still need to be learn and improve.

    Hope both of us didn't make our children disappointed.

  2. taking care of kids is never a walk in the park :)


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