Thursday, August 27, 2009

Red bean soup(红豆水)

Red bean soup

Ingredient: Red bean, lump sugar/sugar, water


  • Wash the red bean.
  • Put the red bean into electronic stewed cooker for ~3-4 hours.
  • Add in lump sugar/sugar when it is almost ready.


  1. Add in pandan leaves will make the soup taste good.
  2. Add in black glutinous rice will make the soup more sticker if you like it.
  3. The portion if you use sugar will be less compare to lump sugar because sugar is much sweeter than lump sugar.
  4. I like use electronic stewed cooker for this dish as you don't need monitor on the fire.

This desert is very easy to make. It is cheap compare you buy it outside. You can serves more than 5 people with ~RM4-5 cost.

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