Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hair perm chemical used in Pringles

It was a forward mail which i think important to share to you especially for Pringles lover.
For those who don't read Chinese: The chemical used in Pringles is also used in hair-perm chemical, a very harmful chemical even on a very insignificant quantity (will cause kidney cancer), adult shouldn't consume more than 0.01g per day while children not more than 0.003g! Product called back from all Hong Kong markets & banned in USA . ....and they were so terrified of "the melamine scare' from China. ? Pringles is from USA !!!

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  1. How do you know that this report is legitimate? I have not seen any other article that claims this as true other then this report. Also, it doesn't state the name of the newspaper that reported it, where the report originated from, who the reporter is, or even the date of the article. They didn't even give the name of the chemical. So, with so much missing information, how does one know that this is a real report and not just a hoax?


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