Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bad service at L*Z* Diamond at Lower Ground Penang Queensbay Mall

On 31st August 2010, my hubby and I brought 2 bracelets which need to repair spring hock and also repair the break apart bracelet in L*Z* Diamond at Lower Ground Penang Quensbay Mall. I went to L*Z* Diamond shop as I still keep one L*Z* Diamond receipt which I am not sure which bracelet belongs to. We show the L*Z* Diamond receipt to the sales persons and they told us that the receipt was belong to break apart bracelet. Thus, we only paid RM138 to change the spring hock for the 2 bracelets and they accept the receipt to repair the break apart bracelet for free service. They inform us to redeem back after 16 September.

On 17th September 2010, I went to redeem back the break apart bracelet around 2pm with my colleagues. I wear the bracelet in my wrist on the spot to make sure the bracelet is well repair. They also return back the receipt to me. Unfortunately, I found out the bracelet break apart again around 5pm.

I asked my hubby to brought the break apart bracelet to the L*Z* Diamond with the receipt at the same day around 6pm. To his surprise, the sales person claim the receipt item description is not match with the break apart bracelet. But, it is the same receipt which they just return me during noon time. They request him to get the right receipt for the repair for free service. I went back to the shop to understand the situation. To my surprise, they told me the same thing. They blame Anthony, one of the sales persons which make mistake. I questioned the sales person:
(1) Why they not inform me incorrect receipt when I redeem the bracelet
(2) Why they still repair the break apart bracelet although found out incorrect receipt and give back to me.
(3) There was not only 1 sales person with us when they inform the receipt was belongs to break apart bracelet on 31st August.

The sales person told me that they can’t help without the right receipt. Another thing to note is the bracelet break apart on another portion of the bracelet when I showing them the bracelet. I am not sure the bracelet is so fragile after they repair it or is it because of the poor design from L*Z* Diamond.

It was really a bad experience that happens to us at L*Z* Diamond. What do you think and what would you do if you facing similar situation?

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