Monday, April 5, 2010

8 easy step: Decor design by Eric Leong

I was attended decor design seminar by Eric Leong yesterday. Just share out some info. Check it out more under

Make over. Define Interior style. Example: English style, minimum list style etc.

Color scheme. Color therapy
  • Dark blue: Depression
  • Happy color: Yellow, red, orange
  • Hyperactive children: put green( focus)- study room & office good also. Restaurant: don’t put green.
  • On diet: blue
  • Red: enhance appetite.
  • Don’t put bed room in red.

3.Feature Wall
  • Choose 1 wall for your favorite color. Etc Wall paper. Got focus. 4 wall, other 3 wall plain color. Area look bigger.
  • Don’t choose wall behind door for feature wall.
  • Choose right or left wall as feature wall. Depend on your door location when you open.


  • Choose base on interior style.
  • Headcount of your family and your life style.

  • Day light- Everything look light flatten. Wet kitchen and toilet.
  • Buy standing light.
  • Warm light. Soft shallow.

6.Soft furnishing. Carpet, cushion,curtain.
  • 3 layer of curtain. Night curtain (master bed room) , Day curtain(see through), Blackout.

Decor accessory. Buy accessory big and know where to put. Choose hot spot.

Candle and flower. Flower give you energy. Fresh flower.

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